Olivas Querencia are proud to be custodians of the earth’s most enduring symbol of peace, the olive tree. Olive oil is one of mankind’s oldest, purest, most natural and life enhancing products, yet it requires human care to safeguard its survival.

The ethos of care, preservation and conservation is shared by The Noah’s Ark Foundation South Africa and Olivas Querencia are delighted to be supporting this worthy project to make the planet a better place. Go Green Go Healthy Go Querencia!.

The Noah’s Ark Foundation was founded to address the eco crisis on Earth; using #wearenoah it intends to promote new common eco values so humanity can work together and rethink its relationship with the animal kingdom, the plants and Earth itself. It has a variety of positive feel good initiatives including music, television and celebrity so people can enjoy being part of the project and saving the planet.

The £5 Billion project will build an Ark in Africa featuring a DNA bank and technologically advanced facilities. An international network of action centres called “Noah’s Ark Lifeboats” will be established, enabling experts working in them to action environmental issues locally. A global public engagement programme featuring a TV series is to create awareness, drive important messages and win support.

Instead of Noah’s Ark being a “floating Ark”, this Noah’s Ark will be an Ark on the land, with the intention that examples of every animal and plant on Earth will be preserved and conserved no matter what. The Noah’s Ark Foundation, set up by Richard & Hein Prinsloo Curson will manage and build the Ark, a state of the art animal and ecological conservation park covering 100 square kilometres on the North East Coast of KwaZulu Natal South Africa. Construction starting in August 2020.

A major TV series “Noah’s Ark” is in production to document the project’s development. The series will follow the project management team as they work to raise the money needed to build the Ark and is hosted by British TV personality Paul Danan.