What does Querencia mean?

Querencia is a Spanish word, meaning a place where you feel secure and most at home. ‘The scent, the feel, the atmosphere, the sense, everything about a certain place in your life, that offers inner tranquility and contentment, a safe haven’.

Olivas Querencia

Is an olive grove, nestling in the heart of the Andalusian countryside, known as ‘Sierra de Almagro’, the red ochre mountain range. Querencia olive trees receive the utmost care throughout the year, from resting to pruning, blossoming, fruiting, to harvest. The olives are usually harvested early November, at optimum ripeness using traditional methods. This first and only cold press produces premium quality 100% extra virgin Arbequina olive oil, IOC, (International Olive Council), certified. The amount of oil harvested varies each year, so it really is a limited and exclusive product. ‘Adopt a Tree’ at Querencia is a special and unique gift and the nearest you can come to having your very own olive oil brand, without the pruning!

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